UniQuip is About

  • Receiving impartation and understanding of the UofN core values alongside vision for future development – and your part in it.
  • Connecting with fellow co-workers, colleges, centres, plus local and global leaders to build relationship, mutual support, and vision for your specific calling.
  • Equipping for multiplication and excellence in schools and seminars – leading to fruitful ministry through relevant training.
  • A dynamic week of worship, teaching, intercession, group process, and listening to the Spirit for strategic, creative ways to move forward together.

Uniquip events are hard to explain: each event adapts to the needs and ‘flavour’ of the particular location. We anticipate fresh revelation as God reveals His passionate, creative agenda every time!

Will you prayerfully consider joining us for this innovative, significant gathering?

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Uniquip Events

We may be going to a location near you! Uniquip Events will take places in several locations around the globe, representing  many languages, ministries and cultural diversity. Choose the location and date that serves you better, then come and join us.

If you have a heart for training and multiplication of God’s Kingdom in the Nations, Uniquip is for you.

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Lakeside, United States

July 7 - July 13

Cartagena, Colombia

August 4 - August 8

Santiago, Chile

August 12 - August 16

Kona, United States

September 16 - September 20

Arua, Uganda

January 6, 2020 - January 13, 2020

Cultivate a Lifestyle of learning

University of the Nations

Previous Events

Take a look here in some reports from previous events around the globe and get a glimpse of what is to participate in a UniQuip.

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Use the provided form to select the Event you would like to attend,  and send us your personal Information.

We will get back to you with more information as soon as possible. It will be our delight to have your joining us for one of the next events!


Would you like to know more about UniQuip? Here some Frequently Asked Questions:

Purpose of the event is to equip training staff and school leaders. Each UniQuip Event will have its content tailored to the audience, focusing in the most pressing questions among the participants.
However the facilitation team will weave in topics like: The history of the UofN; Biblical Foundations for Education; Formal, Non-formal and Informal Education; Facilitating the Holy Spirit in the classroom; Transactional and Transformational Leadership; Academics and Grading Assessment tools etc.

It starts with an invitation from your location. We will need a training location able to fully host people from several YWAM bases in the region, for a minimum of 4 days if in one language, or 05 days with translation. It is required involvement from the local leadership. You can send an invitation using our Contact page.

Yes! Uniquip is registered as a Missions Strategies (CHR 199) Seminar giving attendees 1 credit for participation.


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